About panoramaland

About the project

I started taking panorama photos around 2005 with a simple digital camera. The idea first was to take panoramas at places I had connections to through life for my self. After couple years I wanted to make a collection of panoramas around the country which everybody could enjoy. The last four years I have taken most of the pictures traveling in my summer vacation.

The virtual tours

The Virtual tours are composed of panorama photos which are taken on a specific areas of Iceland in an order of places. When roads or areas get split up, a long way can be between photos. The photos can sometimes be outside of the area which the tour is supposed to be in.
Often the tour is split up in smaller areas which can be seen up in the top left corner of the tour. These smaller areas can include photos which do not technically belong inside said area.

Location descriptions

Location information and descriptions are mostly from wikipedia but sometimes i have put in a information about surroundings from maps. If any faults are found or something might be better feel free to let me know.


Most of the the locations are marked in manually with the help from Google maps and are only as accurate as the maps are. With newer ones sometimes a gps location is used.

The equipment

As mentioned before i started out with a small simple camera or Hewlett Packard point & shoot camera. Later i used Sony cybershot h7 and got reasonable outcome with it. Most of the older panoramas on the web page are taken with Canon 400D, first with a 18-55mm lens then later i used a Sigma 10-20mm lens which made it easier to take 360x180° panoramas. At the same time got the most essential equipment for panorama photography which was a Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head with whom i could take 360x180° pictures as well as a sturdier tripod. Sense few years ago i use a Canon 600D camera with a 8mm f3.5 Samyang lens. And most of the panoramas on the site are taken with that combo. I have also done some experimenting with smartphone panoramas an are those in "Travel photos" as well photos from a recent experiment with the one shot solution Ricoh Theta 15N.

How is it done

When taking photos for panorama pictures it is recommended to use manual settings for: Shutter speed, aperture, iso and white balance so all the photos will be correctly exposed.

The capture.
The same setup is usually used in all of the panoramas. The camera is attached on the Nodal Ninja head which is on the tripod, in a vertical position. It is important to have exactly 90° vertical X*Y. After the first shot the camera is rotated clockwise and next shot is taken with 20-30% overlapping the last one. On the Nodal Ninja and other pano heads this is setup so it stops on the right place. With the 10mm lens i tilt it -10° down on z axis for one ring of 5 pictures the 2 pictures up with it 50° on Z axis. Then a full 360x180° sphere is ready to put together,

Puting them together.
When the pictures are on the computer and roughly processed they are put together in a panorama software and the processed in the end so it looks like it does on the screen in flat format or "equirectangular". After that there are number of ways and programs to put it on the internet and display them as spherical or virtual panoramas.

What's next?

The plan is to try to add some panoramas every year. But it can be some time apart.





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